To the beat of their own drum: teaching kids to match pitch

The day my first group of guitar students learned to play their first chord progression, I sang along while they played in order to show them that they weren't just playing chords on a sheet, but they were actually accompanying me. They were playing a song! Some of the other students in

Why are we called The Joshua Blueprint?

Aside from the very popular question "What is it that you guys actually do?", the second most frequent question we're asked is, "What kind of name is The Joshua Blueprint?" Well, we'd be the first to admit that our name doesn't help people easily identify the heart behind our mission, but we

How to teach children (and adults) spontaneous song

If you've ever been in a setting where people are being trained to create spontaneous song, the first word that might come to mind is awkward. Everyone is constantly clearing their throat, passing their turn, or giggling because they squawked when trying to hit a high note. This is especially true of

Session two has begun – Let’s dance

After a two week break we're back in the game at Mattaw Children's Village, and man oh man, are we having a good time. Teaching the dance class has always been a struggle for Sam because she's a contemporary dancer and most kids here have absolutely no interest in her style of

We’re finally live!

After numerous times of reseting the countdown for when our website would be up and running, it's finally live. The Joshua Blueprint is only a few months old, so as our baby grows we'll be sure post lots of pictures and updates. ;) Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,

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