The Joshua Blueprint Christian Arts Center | A Place to Call Home

The Joshua Blueprint Christian Arts Center | A Place to Call Home

In our last blog post we announced that our latest endeavor has been to secure a facility that Joshua Blueprint can call home, a Christian arts center.

We found a great location…

The Teacher's Plaza - Kitale, Kenya

The Teacher’s Plaza is a three story building that currently has the third floor available for rental. Previously, the plaza housed a small university, so the set up is great for what we want to do. The plan is to rent two wings of the entire floor (2,273 square feet) and to renovate them to create five classrooms, one dance studio, a recreation room, and an office.

The dance studio/rec room/office


Two of the classrooms

Rent is $800/month and renovation (partitioning the classrooms, sound-proofing, fixing some water damage, painting, installing mirrors for the studio, etc.) is $2,500.

Once renovation is done, we will need to fill the rooms with equipment, furniture, and instruments so that each of the classes can accommodate a large number of students. The total cost for that is $7,500.

Below are some sample ideas of what we’d like to do with the classrooms.

rec-room    drama-room





dance-studio    guitar-room










Now, we know that if we build it, the kids will come, but we need our own set of wheels to help make that happen. In order to purchase a used van for the ministry, we will need $15,000.

Another sample of the kind of vehicle we’re looking at purchasing.


The grand total of this fundraiser is $25,000 (cue all manners of doubt and fear on our part). It seems like such a HUGE endeavor (probably because it is), but we know that it’s what God is calling us to, and somewhere in the midst of the fear is a great sense of anticipation to see how He will bring it about.

In order to cover rent we need $800 in monthly sponsorship. We currently have $190 coming in from our sponsors each month. We also have been blessed by a ministry that wants to partner with us and help pay for our first two months of rent, so that’s an incredible help as well. Once we get on our feet and start opening classes to the community and putting on workshops and programs for adults, we hope to reduce our reliance on sponsorship, but we need your help to kick things off.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us and let us know. Otherwise, the $25,000 is a separate fundraiser for all of the other things we need to take care of. The website for the fundraiser is, but if you would like your gift to be tax-deductible you can visit our mission page and donate there You will receive your receipt immediately after donating.

We appreciate each and every one of you and all that YOU are doing to help advance the kingdom of God through the arts. Much love!





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